WHY ISLAM WILL NOT WIN THIS SILENT WAR: (Opinion Piece by Danny Mahoney)

Let’s be honest, sometimes it feels we (Infidels) are fighting a losing war. Many of our hurdles are Infidels (non-Muslims) who we see as being blind. Frustrated we try to wake them, inform them and show them realities that they choose to ignore regardless of the logic and evidence you provide.

The collective and ultimate goal of fundamental Islam is simply to wipe the earth of all “unbelievers” (Arabic equivalent of Infidel). This has been achieved consistently and successfully for the past 1400 years or so. Only now, in the last 50 years or so, are we beginning to see the caliphate seep into the West. Why? Because the Islamists have taken over the Middle East and are in the process of overrunning many European countries such as France, Holland, Sweden, Belgium etc. They can now advance to Britain, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and so on…

Seems like we’re pretty done for right? Wrong! There are two important differences between the world of 627 AD and now that I would like to draw your attention to.

My first point is the fact that we are in the Information Age. Documents, pictures, videos and all kinds of data can be shared across the world in seconds. Nothing is hidden, propaganda does not go unseen anymore. Very well we have the tool to expose, but do we have the will?

Complimenting my first point, I would like to draw on the sarcastic/post-modern attitude of the current and coming generations. From films and narratives to poetry and art, our newest generations are obsessed with -and surrounded by- satire. Everything becomes an abstract interpretation of cliché. Look at movies such as Shrek, Snow White and the Huntsman, the latest Romeo & Juliet film. They make you see the classic stories differently, Batman: The Dark Knight makes you question the morals of the protagonist. Look even to video game series, the Assassin’s Creed slogan “Nothing is true, everything is permitted”. Our young generations are taught to question, and with endless information available at their fingertips with the help of the internet they are doing just that. And by doing so, individuals learn the truths and make their own decisions. Exposing Islam with information jumping from country to country more and more people are becoming aware. Look at the Spanish putting pig carcasses on mosque grounds, suddenly they are popping up in Russia, France, UK to name a few. There is no stopping the spread and self learning of information today.

More and more Muslims are converting and/or resisting fundamental jihadists across the globe. Everything becomes questioned and therefore answers are sought, and truths found.

They cannot stop the power of the growing collective knowledge. Islam’s true face had been exposed from behind its veil and cannot be concealed. It is too late, before long the majority will understand the threat and future generations will not accept your dictations. People only trust what they learn themselves and are more suspecting than ever.